Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Person Flushing Toilet

Our team has observed that many people tend to treat toilets like trashcans and flush objects that don’t belong. Unfortunately, this can lead to extensive, costly damage such as serious clogs, leaks, burst pipes, and more. In order to protect your plumbing system and avoid frustrating repairs, you need to know what cannot be flushed down the toilet.

Objects that should not be flushed include:

  • Cotton balls

  • Q-tips

  • Band-Aids

  • Makeup wipes

  • Baby wipes

  • Wipes that are marketed as “flushable”

  • Toilet scrubbing pads

  • Hair

  • Gum

  • Food scraps

  • Oil, grease, or fat

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Fish

  • Paper towels

  • Tissues

  • Diapers

  • Contact lenses

This list is not exhaustive. If you find yourself wondering whether it is safe to flush something down the toilet, it’s definitely best to just throw it away in a trash can.

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