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Is Your Toilet Clogged or Leaking? Call Us For Expert Toilet Repair Services in East Texas!

A working toilet is a necessity of any plumbing system. Whether you have a simple problem that needs to be fixed or a brand new toilet installed, call Rudd Plumbing. We offer toilet repair in Tyler and surrounding communities of East Texas. With nearly a century of experience in toilet plumbing, we have seen and solved every possible issue with this bathroom fixture. Our team is confident that we can solve your problem too.

Toilet Repair Tyler, TX

Do you notice a problem with your toilet? Call (903) 290-0851 to request a service.

Solving Toilet Plumbing Issues

Toilet problems can range from simple, minor issues to complex problems. Some toilet problems, such as clearing a simple clog, are easily fixed by homeowners. If you aren’t sure exactly what is causing the problem or want to make sure the damaged component is correctly replaced, leave the job to a professional. We have decades of experience providing toilet repair in Tyler.

Some of the most common toilet issues we encounter include:

  • A weak flush
  • Low water level
  • Continuously running toilet
  • Whistling sounds when the tank fills
  • Slow filling of the tank
  • Overflowing toilet

When you contact Rudd Plumbing for help with a toilet problem, our Tyler plumbers respond quickly to your call. We get right to work to identify the source of the problem and recommend the best repair solution. We are committed to providing our customers with quality workmanship and a top-notch experience. Your satisfaction with our work is 100% guaranteed.

Why Does My Toilet Run Randomly?

If you hear your toilet randomly run without anyone using it, this is due to a phantom flush. Phantom flushes occur when a small leak from the tank to the bowl is present. This is typically because of an issue with the flapper. Either the flapper or the flapper seat needs to be cleaned or replaced depending on how worn it is.

Call (903) 290-0851 to get started on your next toilet repair service in East Texas today!.

Why is My Toilet Not Flushing Strongly?

Have you noticed recently your toilet isn't flushing with the same power it did when it was brand new? Toilets that have been in use for some time can develop a weaker flush, but usually when this happens there is a specific reason why. If you've noticed your toilet isn't flushing properly it can be a due to a couple of things. Some of the most common causes of a weak flush are:

  • Low water level in your toilet tank
  • Problems with your toilet's flapper
  • A clog in either your toilet, drain, or flange
  • Poor toilet drain pipe design
  • Blocked inlet holes

If you have noticed a significant change in your toilet's flushing power or are concerned about the efficiency of your toilet's flush, contact one of our toilet repair experts. We will quickly diagnose the problem and apply the proper repairs needed to get your toilet back to 100%.

Save Water & Money with a New Toilet

If the toilet is older or the problem is complex, replacement may be the best option. Toilet technology is rapidly evolving and there are now a wide variety of toilets on the market that are designed for water conservation. These new toilets require less water to flush, which is beneficial for the environment and helps you save money on your water bills. We can explain the options that are available and provide the information you need to choose the right toilet for your home.

Contact our office at (903) 290-0851 for toilet repair or replacement in Tyler and nearby.

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